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Expertise in treating TMJ pain

You don’t have to live with chronic headaches and jaw joint pain from TMJ (temporomandibular joint pain) syndrome. John W Hamilton DDS PC can accurately diagnose you and alleviate your discomfort from TMJ by developing a customized treatment plan in conjunction with orthodontics, overlay appliances, and fixed crowns and bridges.


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Stop grinding your teeth

Experience you can rely on

Along with 40 years of general dentistry experience, John W Hamilton DDS PC has 25 years of orthodontics experience that he will put to work to treat your TMJ or teeth grinding (bruxism).

To relieve your pain from TMJ or to protect your teeth from the effects of bruxism, John W Hamilton DDS PC offers you custom fabricated oral appliances that are professionally fitted to your mouth.

Custom oral appliances

Bruxism causes excessive wear and fracturing of your teeth. Whether you grind your teeth during sleep or excessively clench your jaw when weightlifting, John W Hamilton DDS PC can help you with this problem.


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